Associazione Piazza San Marco

The Board of Governors meets the new members

A meeting took place on Thursday 25 June 2015 at the Hotel Baglioni of the Associazione Piazza San Marco Board of Governors and 24 businesses that, for now as individuals, have joined the Association. It was thus a very important occasion, which indicates the considerable attention paid to the activities that the Association chaired by Alberto Nardi has conducted over the years. The meeting was useful for clarifying to the new members some aspects of how the association operates and, on this occasion, a copy of the statute and the membership card valid until 30 June 2016 were given out. It was also decided that a meeting will shortly be held to approve an amendment to the Regulation so that all the rights and responsibilities of the current business members in the Square can be extended to those in the surrounding areas (Calle 22 Marzo, Calle Vallaresso, San Moisè).