Associazione Piazza San Marco

26 November 2012. The Association meets the director general of the Venice city council

On Monday 26 November 2012, the Associazione Piazza San Marco, represented by its president Dr Alberto Nardi and under-secretary Domenico Lalli, was received by the director general of the city council Dr Marco Agostini at Ca’ Farsetti. This meeting had been planned for some time and allowed the Association to look more closely at various problems affecting the St Mark’s area with the city council’s director general. The subjects considered in particular were the illicit sellers of corn for feeding pigeons in St Mark’s Square, the barely visible and inefficient signage, the need for businesses in the Square to have an early warning of a possible exceptionally high tide and, regarding the latter, a request was made for different positioning of the walkways in the Square. The hope that the plan to waterproof the Square may be taken up again was also aired. Indeed, as mentioned in a previous article, it is not only exceptionally high or sustained high tides that cause difficulties for the public and businesses in the Square, but also medium tides, which would continue even with the Sistema Mose in operation.