Associazione Piazza San Marco

The association meets the mayoral candidate Gian Angelo Bellati

The association met the mayoral candidate Gian Angelo Bellati at the Caffè Lavena at 6.30 pm for about an hour. The president, Alberto Nardi, after the customary thanks, spoke on some matters dear to the association: a fixed number and in general the problem of the massive presence of tourists in St Mark’s Square, how to confront and especially resolve the scourge of illegal trading in the Square and the St Mark’s area in general, the problem of high tides, the correct use, from a public point of view, of the Square and finally the necessary synergy between the administration and the association, which has for some time taken care of defending the Square and its revitalisation. Bellati firstly noted that his action will be disengaged from the powers in Rome and Milan. He will work only for his city. Illegal trading, according to Bellati, is fought only with unbending respect for the rules. Excellent results have been achieved in those municipalities where this has been applied. Bellati cited Verona, Padua and some towns in Romagna as examples. In respecting the rules he declares himself in agreement with the ‘grillini’ and their candidate, the solicitor Davide Scano, who he knows personally. Regarding the high tides in St Mark’s Square, Bellati thinks it scandalous that the phenomenon should continue even with the Sistema Mose in operation, however, in his opinion, the question is solely technical. He emphasised rather that if the extraction of gas in the northern Adriatic causes subsidence in Venice, too, it must be stopped. Bellati then confirmed the need to establish a process of sharing as city council with trade and other associations and pointed out, with regard to the local authority, that it should be more efficient and that managers who do not work well should be dismissed. It is necessary to listen to the public and clean up the council apparatus and, from this point of view, the Lega candidate welcomes the decision of the commissioners to institutionalise anonymous reports, also from council employees. The assessors and not only the managers of the council should have appropriate qualifications in that it makes no sense for an assessor not to have specific expertise in the sector he or she represents. Finally, Bellati expressed the opinion that a restriction of tourist flows could help to increase decorum in the Square, while strict control of the illegal trading cannot but generate more security. In the photo the mayoral candidate Bellati and the president of the association Nardi during the meeting at the Caffè Lavena.