Associazione Piazza San Marco

the Association’s end of summer drink

Numerous members and supporters took part in the ‘end of summer drink’ organised by the Associazione Piazza San Marco at the Bar Gelateria Al Todaro from 6 pm yesterday. A sociable moment that is an opportunity for the Association to come together with its members and the city, and in which the authorities, the local press and representatives of the police took part. And such was the case; after the greetings from the vice president Claudio Vernier, the president of the Association, Alberto Nardi, spoke. He mentioned the Association’s numerous activities and the increase in its members, now at the significant number of 150, then once again pointed out the decline of the Square, invaded by illegal hawkers. Nardi was holding the Association’s petition written by the solicitor Carlo Pognici, which will shortly be sent to the prosecutor, against the illegal sellers of corn, now nearing 60, who occupy the most beautiful square in the world. There are then also the sellers of illuminated arrows and selfie sticks, all unlicensed and illegal, managed by organised crime groups, who constantly invade the Square, annoying and at times threatening the tourists. For this reason, too, the Association decided to counter-attack to prevent any dangerous degeneration of this criminal phenomenon. Nardi’ speech, clear and balanced and much appreciated by those present, was followed by a toast to farewell summer and to the start of a new season of business and commitment to safeguarding the St Mark’s area on the part of the Association.