Associazione Piazza San Marco
11 March 2018

‘Earth Hour’ kicks off in St Mark’s Square.

Venice will once again this year take part in the eleventh international EARTH HOUR, which the WWF is organising on Saturday 24 March from 8.30 pm to 9.30 pm. St Mark’s Square will once again be the centrepiece of this world ecological message. Participation in the event is based on the simplicity but at the same time the significance of a gesture: turning off the lights of a house, a building, a monument, the lights in a street or a particular part of a city for one hour, taking part in this way in an event with a powerful symbolic value, is an opportunity to make explicit the desire to feel united in the global challenge of climate change that no one can think of wining alone. Venice, announces the local WWF, could not miss the appointment also because, given its particular geographical position, it looks with concern at the developments of global warming. The WWF Venezia e Territorio event will be supported by:  

  • the Associazione Piazza San Marco, inviting members to turn off their window lights for an hour;
  • the Associazione Nordic Walking Italy, taking part with its own volunteers to conduct two Nordic walks that will converge on St Mark’s Square from two opposite points of the city.
  The programme is as follows:   7.30 pm Nordic walk from Piazzale Roma and from Sant’Elena to St Mark’s Square; 8.15 pm Arrival of the two processions in St Mark’s Square and positioning around Caffè Lavena to mark out an area where some symbolic actions will take place; 8.30 pm Switching off the lights in St Mark’s Square and the participating businesses; 9.30 pm End of the event.