Associazione Piazza San Marco
December 1, 2014


The new guide to St Mark’s Basilica by the German scholar Wolfgang Wolters will be presented at Palazzo Franchetti, Venice, on Wednesday 3 December. ‘San Marco a Venezia’ (Cierre edizioni) is a very interesting and lively book aimed at all those who want to understand the masterpieces in the basilica, seeing for themselves its spirituality and extraordinary art. The text is very direct so suited to all and with a simplicity that allows an understanding of the extraordinary treasures held in the basilica. The book will be presented on 3 December by the author with Gian Antonio Danieli and Giandomenico Romanelli. This is the author’s presentation to the Guide: ‘St Mark’s Basilica is an obligatory stop for all visitors to Venice. The wealth and variety of its decoration and liturgical furnishings are such that not many people are able to orient themselves without difficulty in this labyrinth. This guide has been written for those who feel the need to know and, consequently, see more. It is intended to fill the gap between the precise guides and an endless list of scientific books.’