Associazione Piazza San Marco
11 January 2016


The peak of the tide reached 114 centimetres above average sea level today in Venice, with the acqua alta phenomenon affecting about 15% of the city’s surface, particularly the St Mark’s area and the other lower areas. So, once again, to the delight of the tourists but not the shopkeepers, water flooded the most beautiful square in the world, once again highlighting the need to act to waterproof it on the basis of a plan that already exists but is not financed, as the Associazione Piazza San Marco has repeatedly pointed out. The city council’s tide centre advises that a maximum of 110 cm is forecast during the night. The problem of the high tide could also disrupt filming, planned for tomorrow in St Mark’s Square, of the television mini-series ‘The Young Pope’, directed by the Oscar winning director Paolo Sorrentino, with Stefano Accorsi, Jude Law, Diane Keaton and Silvio Orlando