Associazione Piazza San Marco
January 9, 2013


The Minister for Culture Lorenzo Ornaghi has issued a provision on sponsorship, one of the last acts signed during his mandate, as part of the decree law 5/2012 entitled ‘Semplifica Italia’ (Simplify Italy). The text normalises and draws up the guidelines that must be followed, particularly by the Superintendencies, regarding advertising hoardings. It consists of a good six clauses that potential sponsors must comply with, among which the need to call for public tenders when assigning sponsorships of more than 40,000 euros stands out. The models for tenders will be drawn up by the same ministry along with the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Contracts Authority. The provision obviously closely concerns Venice with the well-known controversy over big hoardings in public places, such as St Mark’s Square and its environs, that recently provoked various entrenched standpoints. It must also be noted that a similar guideline introduced by the Venice City Council in the recent tender for the restoration of the Rialto Bridge, won by the entrepreneur Renzo Rosso through the Otb holding company, confirmed the efficacy of such a provision.