Associazione Piazza San Marco
November 6, 2012


Robert W. Felix is a very well known scientific outsider, by profession an architect, who has for years been fascinated by one of the great mysteries of our planet: the sudden extinction of the dinosaurs. Years of study have led him to disassociate himself from the official explanations. Various studies have led Robert Felix to declare that 75% of all species then living were destroyed not by meteorite or cataclysm, but by glaciation, the umpteenth in the history of our planet. His new book, ‘Not by Fire but by Ice’, is now coming out in Italy (‘La prossima era glaciale’, Cesena 2012, Macroedizioni). In it he claims that more or less every 11,500 years the Earth is surprised by a glacial era, which arrives suddenly and just as suddenly goes away, leaving behind a trail of death and destruction and giving way to an interglacial era, a period of transition: such as we are now in and which is drawing to a close. In the hope that Felix’s theories, which will get just about everyone arguing, are not true, attention must be focused on the cover of this dense book, showing St Mark’s basin, the St Mark’s area and the Doge’s Palace all completely iced over. There is nothing to be done: even in science, or pseudoscience, books with a worldwide circulation must always have a picture of Venice and the St Mark’s area to attract the reader, in this case even on the cover.