Associazione Piazza San Marco
May 23, 2012


Final steps towards the full restoration of Cafè Florian with the completion of the work in the Hall of Illustrious Men scheduled for Sept. 15. The frescoes are being cleaned by Giuseppe Ponga, the paintings by Giulio Carlini, while the restoration of the frames and wooden parts which started in April will take another four months. The project has been funded using € 200 thousand from UBS Italy for the portraits of Palladio, Paolo Sarpi, Francesco Morosini, Benedetto Marcello, Enrico Dandolo, Carlo Goldoni, Peter Orseolo, Marco Polo, Vector Pisani and Titian; by Pomellato for the frames; and by Rubelli for the furnishings for which a special velvet, Florian, has been created. This state-owned room was the only unrestored one remaining in this historic café. Yesterday, Marco Paolini, CEO of the group, which in 2009 acquired the cafe stressed "the importance of a not entirely commercial initiative, related to the protection of local history." Stefano Stipitivich announced that "when the work is completed, there will be a large opening in Piazza San Marco." While the architects, Barbara and Andrea Pastor Libralesso, recounted different aspects of "a restoration made difficult not only by the effects of gas lamps and cigar smoke, but also by actions which, instead of removing the effects, spread them out to other surfaces. “ Vettor Mary Corsetti from "The Gazzettino"