Associazione Piazza San Marco
January 14, 2013


‘The cold coming from Siberia in these hours, the north-east wind and the waxing moon have caused a sudden rise of sea level in the Venice lagoon. Indeed, at midday St Mark’s Square in Venice was flooded. The movement of pedestrians was guaranteed by walkways. It was the seagulls that took advantage of the situation as, prevented from seeking food in the lagoon waters by the wind, they crowded into the Square.’ This is how Andrea Merola today launched the ‘alarm’ of high water in Venice on, the website of the well-known daily paper, also offering a video. It almost seems that during this wave of bad weather currently hitting Italy - though this may also be normal for January - even the major press finds it ‘impossible’ not to talk about Venice and its Square. But it can actually once again be deduced from this ‘notification’ given prominence by that the average high tides are an increasingly serious problem for the St Mark’s area, as many times reported (see previous news) by the Associazione Piazza San Marco. Watch the video