Associazione Piazza San Marco
May 24, 2013


Last night and in the next two days unseasonal high tides will once again flood the St Mark’s area and the Square itself; events that are now repeated with a certain continuity and have attracted various scientific explanations. Last night tourists were once again able to photograph a very evocative St Mark’s Square submerged under several centimetres of water, but there is a feeling that the entire city, as the Gazzettino wrote today, is caught on the hop by these unseasonal high tides and that it is necessary, as Paolo Canestrelli, coordinator of the Comune di Venezia tide centre stated, ‘to completely rethink the strategies’ for confronting the difficulties caused by the high tides that now occur in no particular season. Canestrelli thinks it is necessary to review the plan for the walkways, something that the Associazione Piazza San Marco has also been requesting for some time, and to raise St Mark’s Square as Venice is destined to suffer an ever increasing number of ‘minimum’ tidal events. It must be remembered that in recent months the Associazione Piazza San Marco, as we have written in numerous previous articles, has strongly asked that the plans to waterproof St Mark’s Square be taken up again considering the serious and difficult situation that has come about.