Associazione Piazza San Marco
April 2, 2015


The city is currently full of tourists making the most of the Easter holiday to visit Venice. St Mark’s Square is flooded with numerous tourists who have to cope with an astonishing number of unlicensed hawkers. St Mark’s Square is occupied by hawkers who really do sell almost everything. The Nuova Venezia once again reports on this today with an article by Roberta De Rossi under the emblematic headline ‘Capacity crowd of tourists and unlicensed hawkers’. A concentration of infractions that the Associazione Piazza San Marco is now tired of denouncing, an annoyance and decline that increases as the appointed authorities fail to effectively intervene. An illegal market that carries on even in the presence of the local police, who do not seem to bother the various hawkers from Bangladesh who rage around St Mark’s Square. A Nuova Venezia video documents all this.

Watch the Nuova Venezia video