Associazione Piazza San Marco
November 1, 2012


The exceptionally high tides give no let-up to the city in this particular period. Early Thursday morning, at 1.40 am, a peak of 1.43 metres above the average sea level was reached. An exceptionally high tide, with 55% of the city flooded by water, causing serious difficulties. Many shopkeepers stayed in their shops to keep an eye on their goods, despite the hour, while the Venice city council and the tide office monitored the situation. St Mark’s Square was once again under water and the sight of it being ravaged by the waves at the top of the tide was truly breath-taking. A few bold tourists ventured into the St Mark’s area swept by the waves and a high wind. It is a situation that has been repeated for years and that, at least until 2016 when the moveable floodgates at the port entrances (Sistema Mose) should be in operation, will continue to cause difficulty and damage in the city and the ‘most beautiful drawing room in the world’, which is also unfortunately one of the lowest parts of the whole city. A repeat of the high tide is forecast for this morning at 11.30 am.