Associazione Piazza San Marco


HERE ARE THE GUARDIANS! This is announced today by the local papers, which highlight the news of the start from next week of the new trial of the San Marco Guardians in the context of the discussions on the decline of the St Mark’s area. These articles, in the Gazzettino, the Nuova Venezia and the Corriere del Veneto, show how eagerly the return of the ‘angels’ to St Mark’s Square as in the past has been awaited. The fifteen Guardians have already been selected and should have begun their work on 21 June, but approval had still not been given by the Venice city council. The project, conceived by the Associazione Piazza San Marco and sponsored by Costa Crociere, has now been given approval by the city council, which will make a space in the square available to the promoters. So from next week the fifteen stewards will be able to act to counter the decline, in cooperation with the local police. ‘The city council supports this activity’, said the councillor for tourism Giovanna Mar, ‘and praises the relationship with Costa Crociere, because the big ships are an important mainspring of development for Venice and we do not want the cruise traffic to disappear’.