Associazione Piazza San Marco
July 14, 2014


The rain over recent days and the anomalous bad weather for this period that has struck north Italy in these weeks brought to the city a record 100 cm high tide in July, something that has never happened before. So an unscheduled high tide flooded St Mark’s Square once again to the joy of the tourists and the perplexity of the local business community. The frequency of the medium-low high tides that in any case cause difficulties in the St Mark’s area is something the Associazione Piazza San Marco has been pointing out for years, recalling that the planned works to waterproof the Square are on hold because of a lack of funds. Furthermore, the pictures and photos printed in some local papers of a St Mark’s Square that to the joy of the tourists is turned into a summer swimming pool where their children can swim and play, has reinforced in the media the sensation that this event, which is even repeated in anomalous seasonal situations, is ‘no problem’ for many visitors. So it is a phenomenon that is not perceived as another element in the Square’s ‘decline’, to be added to other different events that we point out in these articles and that now represent a collective aberrant and unacceptable image of the Square. Photos posted on Instagram by Lorenzo Cinotti (@celestalis).