Associazione Piazza San Marco
October 10, 2012


A few weeks ago the daily papers, not only in Venice, were discussing ‘street art’ and the possibility of being able to freely perform in some public parts of the city with a high cultural value such as St Mark’s Square or other smaller city squares, as reported in a previous news item. Controversy and debate had arisen after a young choir from Prague was interrupted while singing ‘Il Signore delle Cime’ by two local policemen on patrol, scrupulously applying the new urban regulation on decorum. Now an amusing dance by a lover who with twelve dancers and four singers asked his fiancée to marry him right in the middle of St Mark’s Square has gone around the world and is one of the most popular videos on YouTube. In this case, no local policeman intervened to stop this dancing ‘performance’. So there is now a dilemma: should the urban regulations be updated to also control flashmobs? Watch the video: