Associazione Piazza San Marco
December 20, 2012


Controversy is mounting on social networks and in local and national daily papers about the advertising image of a well-known Italian coffee brand that appeared in the German weekly ‘Die Zeit’. The picture shows two people in evening dress exchanging sentimental affections while seated at a table in St Mark’s Square submerged by an exceptionally high tide. So once again, after the swim also reported by our site made by some Austrian tourists in bathing costumes who mistook the Square for a swimming pool, the high tide becomes the pretext for an image, in this case advertising, that damages the city and simplifies a serious problem. Indeed, the high tide is once again described as a ‘picturesque’ or even ‘characteristic’ event and not as one that damages a city and an entire community. The harm that the continuous high tides, even the not exceptionally high ones, cause to the historical monuments in the St Mark’s area, with consequences also of an economic nature for the businesses in the Square, must also not be forgotten. The president of the Associazione Piazza San Marco, Alberto Nardi, is also concerned about this and pointed out once again how the problem of the high tides is trivialised and that there is an inability to communicate to the entire world the real ‘problem’ that such events pose for safeguarding the city.