Associazione Piazza San Marco
October 3, 2013


President Nardi initially spoke to welcome those present and dwelt on some particular subjects of importance to the association. He recalled the role of the San Marco Guardians, who work with great skill and professionalism for the dignity and protection of the Square. This project was initiated by the association with the cooperation of the Venice city council, sponsored by Costa Crociera, and is intended to be repeated next year. The actions against illegal sellers of grain and other materials in the Square, which have become a ‘serious problem of public order’ were recalled. Nardi then noted the campaign just launched against feeding the pigeons as they are ‘a danger to the city’s monuments’. The president then mentioned the delicate question of the high tides, recalling that even with the Sistema Mose in operation, ‘the Square will go under water in any case and our country will give a disastrous image to the world’. The association will shortly be presenting a specific dossier on this particular problem. Finally, Mr Nardi also spoke about the tourism problem, expressing great concern at the tourist invasion that is affecting the city and the need to apply policies to regulate the flow of tourists, at the same time defining the maximum number of visitors the city is able to cope with. Then, as noted, this pleasant event ended with a drink.