Associazione Piazza San Marco
May 12, 2012


We all recognize the orange t-shirts with the words "San Marco Guardians." They stop tourists to report any "incorrect" behaviour, and provide information on the square plus directions. The "guardians" of Piazza San Marco were officially inaugurated yesterday. In all, fifteen people will work in turns throughout the summer (from May 14 to September 30), with at least eight in evidence in the designated area from the 10th to the 17th. "Our aim is to raise awareness about proper and sustainable use of the area. “ said Alberto Nardi, President of The Association of Piazza San Marco. The first step is the involvement of the public. In this case, ordinary citizens, chosen for their language skills and "trained" by the local police to explain to tourists in Piazza San Marco what they can and can’t do (you can’t feed the pigeons or sit on the floor to eat, for example) also explain the history behind the beautiful monuments. Sponsoring the project "We live in the city - you are in Piazza San Marco." with the sum of 150 000 euros is Costa Cruises.