Associazione Piazza San Marco
July 28, 2012


An initial assessment of the activities of the "San Marco Guardians", hostesses and stewards made available by the Association of Piazza San Marco and sponsored by Costa Cruises, was presented on Friday, July 27, 2012. The budget was positive and the Municipality of Venice thanks the Association’s initiative for Piazza San Marco and has expressed its satisfaction. It did it via Chief Executive Marco Agostini, and counsellor for urban quality of life, Carla Rey, who told the local press that the experience works so well that it should be considered an example for other Italian cities by the Ministry of the Interior. The situation in the square is certainly helped by the service provided by the Guardians and the synergy between them and the Municipal Police: there is more order and more information for tourists, the place is cleaner thanks to a greater use of the bins, pick-pocketing and various offences have decreased and illegal traders have gone. We are breathing different air in this very beautiful part of the city. Obviously there is an awareness among all concerned that this important service cannot solve all the problems immediately but , it is definitely a big step forward in order to keep the area under control. In addition, signs could be replaced with new ones containing more effective information in line with the historical context of the area. Thanks to the contribution of the Association of Piazza San Marco, the Red Cross and Order of Malta first aid station is active but still seeking a sponsor so they can improve their core activities in the square. "The important thing is to begin well with an initiative that can be replicated in other particular areas of the city.” said the President of the Piazza San Marco Association, Alberto Nardi. “The patience and politeness of the Guardians is a winning formula and we should express our appreciation for that. " Nardi thanked the company, Gaia Borghi, who brilliantly selected these young people who welcome and inform tourists from all over the world.