Associazione Piazza San Marco
July 3rd, 2011


(From an interview published in "Il Gazzettino" Sunday, July 3 2011) ( .) The Association Piazza San Marco welcomes ‘graduation day’ to the ‘salon d'Italia’. ‘Finally we are on the right road,’ says president, Alberto Nardi. -, ‘Cultural activities have always been our objective. This is an initiative which will give the piazza back to the city which has always been our aim. With this in mind, we hosted the April 25th ‘Wine under the Bell Tower’ festival’ Nardi makes just one point to the University. ‘We would like to be more involved in working together so we can really offer something of worth to the students.’ Nardi was unable to attend the ceremony because he was away for work but commented to other members that the gigantic billboard of the outlet in Noventa di Piave which was the background for the ceremony was ‘unworthy of San Marco’. ‘The square must have smaller and less vulgar advertising with greater control over the aesthetic quality of the placards.’ he said. In order to maintain the dignity of the piazza Nardi would like to see some events, especially rock music or pop, hosted elsewhere. ‘San Marco should only be host to high-quality events linked to the social life of the city itself".he said. The association intends to resume its experiment of placing stewards in San Marco to protect the square. ‘If we manage to find a sponsor,’ - concludes Nardi. – ‘We will be able to help the local police with their control of visitors.’