Associazione Piazza San Marco
April 22, 2010

Walking through ... Saint Marks' Square

The first volume of the "Passeggiandoper..." ("Walking through...")-series will be introduced to the public at the "Spazio Eventi Mondadori" ("Mondadori Event Space"), in salizada S. Moisé on Thursday, 22nd of April 2010, 18pm. Storti Publishing are presenting a totally new kind of tourist guide combining in-depth information with an easy-to-use format plus many drawings, photographs and diagrams. Within its seventy two pages you will discover '"the most beautiful drawing room in the world" its history, art and curiosities, descriptions of the 32 capitals of the Doge's Palace, the history of the mechanism of the "Orologio" (the Clock Tower on the Square), the symbolism of the St. Marks' and St. Todaros' columns, the evolution of "Procuratie" and the origins of the central-arch of St. Mark's Basilica. Easy to use, this is a new way to learn about Venice' s most important sites and study them in more detail. The book contains 127 colour-photographs and includes more than 50 diagrams and drawings plus a complete and comprehensive text.